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4 Reasons Why the VUCA Reality Is Here To Stay

Posted by Joanne Flynn

11/18/15 11:00 AM

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If you’re still wondering if the world of work is changing, just look at recent events and published articles that evidence this.

The recent 13th Fortune Global Forum is just one of these events (and these events are everywhere if you’re ready to look). It was a meeting of leaders from both old and new companies, both public and private. It generated observations and views we must consider.

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4 Critical Skills Required to Excel in the VUCA World

Posted by Joanne Flynn

11/11/15 2:00 PM

Old structures and roles have expired and are "past their sell-by-date." To truly embrace the new VUCA work reality, it’s time to rethink all the old organizational structures and roles. It’s easy to see when our food has expired, but are we quite as rigorous when evaluating if our structures and roles have expired as well? Are we clinging to the old, hoping they will somehow be relevant for the present and future work demands? Let's examine the 4 critical skills that are required to excel in the new VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) world.

  1. Business Acumen: Understanding the Business of the Business 

    If your employees don’t fully understand the business, as the business performs in the marketplace, how can we expect them to stay relevant and deliver forward-focused, value-added services and productivity? 
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Topics: Organizational Alignment, VUCA

Living with Disruption: Welcome to the VUCA World

Posted by Joanne Flynn

11/3/15 2:00 PM

It’s here to stay! Ignore at your own risk!

In the late 90’s the term VUCA was first used by the military.  VUCA certainly sounds like a strange acronym.  VUCA is defined as dealing with: 

V – Volatility: 
Anticipating and reacting to the nature and speed of change

U – Uncertainty: Maintaining effectiveness despite constant surprises and lack of predictability

C – Complexity: Navigating through complexity, chaos, and confusion

A – Ambiguity: Acting decisively without having clear direction & uncertainty 

VUCA is now used to describe today’s current world of work.  We are now right in the middle of this new working environment.  How different is this from the preceding work environment? It is very different. In my last blog, I compared the old, conventional work paradigm with the VUCA emerging work paradigm of:

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Topics: Organizational Alignment, VUCA

Disrupt the Irrelevant: Time to Evaluate Your Organizational Structure

Posted by Joanne Flynn

10/26/15 10:00 AM

If you dislike change, you will enjoy irrelevancy even less! 

We are sitting at the crossroads of two different worlds of work.  We all know this intellectually. Everyone talks about it. Then why is it taking us so long to change things?  Our present organizations are often disconnected and misaligned.  This disconnect between the new reality and blind adherence to old operating structures is creating an organization operating chasm that can and will have serious strategic implications. 

Past Organizations 

The old work paradigms of the past focus on:

  • BAU – Business as usual
  • Maintaining the routine
  • Sustainability
  • Planned growth
  • Global expansion – unlimited green fields
  • The emergence of the age of the Knowledge Worker
  • Legacy organizational structures and practices rooted in the past 

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Topics: Organizational Alignment, VUCA

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