Joanne Flynn, Managing Director and Founder of Phoenix Strategic Performance, recently co-authored the book, Breaking the Concrete Ceiling: Empowerment Tools for Women.


Are you looking for a way to power blast through the concrete ceiling? Start with being highly sophisticated and savvy about how you approach and control your career. This chapter shows you how you can embrace your career currency, currency exchange, and the use of power. 

Download the digital copy of the chapter that covers:

  • Identifying your personal career currency
  • Utilizing the organizational power tools available to you
  • Understanding your hard and soft currencies and how they impact your career and perception
  • Leveraging the power of psychology, motivation theory, and organizational dynamics

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Joanne_Flynn.jpgToo often, we underestimate the power we have to control our careers. That power, career currency, is ubiquitous, however, we must learn how to recognize that power and actively channel it toward our goals. I
co-authored this book to help shed a light on the power of career currency
and use it to set achievable goals and plan meaningful careers.
- Joanne Flynn

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