What business is not dynamic and changing these days?  Not many.  Your L&D efforts need to be dynamic, requiring you to:

  • Have the "business" leaders working closely beside you  
  • Expect that business strategy and needs will constantly change  
  • Make learning dynamically support the business strategy and needs  

There are just too many legacy programs that were once great ideas, but now they have exceeded their expiration date.

Download this exclusive checklist of a solution framework that will help you develop and use strategic and dynamic L&D during periods of change.   The framework considers:

  • What do you need to conduct an assessment of the needs of the business?
  • How do you approach the design stage working with the business?
  • What are the keys to implementation?

Follow the roadmap and build a great L&D effort that will help capture the “minds and hearts” of your people and see your business perform and improve.

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Download the Checklist