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Sales_Ebook-069505-edited.pngThis eBook covers a variety of complex sales and business development topics with actionable takeaways including:

  • 6-Step Approach: Increase the Probability of Sales Success With a Disciplined Sales Methodology
  • Sales & the DiSC Profile®: Align Salespeople & Clients
  • Tangibilizing© Ambiguity: 2 Challenges Facing Your Sales Team
  • 3-Step Differentiation Process: The Make or Break Sales Skill to Wage the Sales Battle
  • The Focus & Importance of Questions: The Power Tool in the Sales Toolkit
  • The Client Business Plan: The Roadmap that Replaces Activity with Smart Activity
  • The Ultimate Sales Accelerator: Understanding the Total Client Buying Center (TCBC)
  • 6-Step Checklist to Accelerate Your Sales Growth

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