Delivering Effective Presentations

The effective presentation of well-organized, receiver-driven ideas is a critically important tool used to convey information, change perceptions or persuade.  The presentation of information can take many forms, such as:

  • Informal Discussions
  • Board Presentations
  • Large, Formal Presentations

Each type of presentation requires a unique combination of organizational and physical skills.  This will ensure that the highest degree of understanding is achieved by the intended audience.  Preparing for and delivering an effective presentation requires the following skills:


  • Analysis of the Presentation and the Message
  • Structuring the Message from the Audience’s Viewpoint
  • Rehearsing to Fine Tune and Anticipate Problems


  • Communicating and Clarifying Objectives
  • Controlling and Optimizing Physical Skills
  • Managing Nervous Energy
  • Controlling Audience Attention
  • Delivering High Impact Visuals
  • Delivering the Message Precisely and Professionally
  • Handling Technical Information
  • Reading Signals from the Audience
  • Answering Questions and Overcoming Objections
  • Obtaining Reactions and Feedback
  • Following up

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