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Interviewing and Hiring eBook


Interviewing and Hiring eBook Image

Download the eBook for the key questions you should ask during your next candidate interview regarding the 5 important soft skills that will make them an exceptional candidate, including:

  • Growth Potential
  • Culture Fit
  • Collaboration
  • Adaptability
  • Leadership


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Human Capital Checklist


Human Capital Checklist Image

Download the Human Capital Checklist, which highlights critical issues for your organization to regularly evaluate, including:

  • Human Asset Management Strategy and Business Alignment
  • Human Capital Capacity Management
  • Structures Supporting a Human Asset Management Strategy
  • Human Capital Gap Analysis and Continuous Improvement Loop


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Case Study: Going from Growth to Super Growth

PSP Case Study Image

Download the case study to discover how we worked with a consumer products company to restructure employee, sales, product and financial processes to achieve a 72% year over year sales growth by:

  • Optimizing Product Processes
  • Shifting from Indirect to Direct Sales
  • Developing a Strong Organizational Structure for Employees
  • Improving People Processes
  • Standardizing KPIs and Financial Reporting


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A Multifunctional Approach to Accelerate the Complex Selling Process eBook

Sales_EbookThis eBook covers a variety of complex sales and business development topics with actionable takeaways including:

  • 6-Step Approach: Increase the Probability of Sales Success With a Disciplined Sales Methodology
  • 3-Step Differentiation Process: The Make or Break Sales Skill to Wage the Sales Battle
  • The Ultimate Sales Accelerator: Understanding the Total Client Buying Center (TCBC)

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The Multifunctional Approach to Transformative Leadership eBook

Screen_Shot_2015-07-15_at_4.54.09_PMThis eBook covers a variety of leadership and change management topics with 19 actionable takeaways including:

  • 3 Key Concepts to Help Control the ‘Change Effect'
  • 2 Key Change Concepts That Can Be Game Changers
  • 4-Point, Anti-Change Reality Check
  • 3 Types of Leaders Managing the Change Process
  • 4 Employee Transition Phases During Change: How to Bring People With You on the Change Journey
  • The DiSC Profile: 3 Ways to Align People & the Change Process
  • 'Antichange' Code: How to Recognize Employee Resistance to Change

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Change Management Case Study

change_management_case_studyWhat Happens When a Change in Strategy is Implemented as â€˜Business as Usual’?


In this case study a dramatic change in strategy required a complete shift in process, structure and human capital. Download our latest case study to discover why you need to re-evaaluate the following four organizational issues:


  1. Organization Structure
  2. Operational Processes
  3. Human Capital  
  4. Managers and Change Management

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DiSC Assessment Analysis

DiSc_Assessment_AnalysisDownload our latest presentation on how to maximize insights from the DiSC profile in your company.

  • How to use the DISC model effectively in the workplace to manage positive change outcomes.
  • How to identify how different DISC styles present different professional and management change challenges.
  • How to anticipate difficult issues and act and react productively to manage change.

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L&D Success Factors Checklist

Learning_Development_ChecklistDownload the checklist highlighting 10 critical success factors that will increase the impact of learning & development including:

  • Requirement of Leadership & Stakeholder Participation
  • Designing & Building Comprehensive Learning Programs
  • Building an Effective Communication Strategy

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Managing Human Capital Checklist

managing-human_capital_checklistDownload the checklist, "The Role of HR: Managing Human Capital to Optimize the Business of the Business," which includes:

  • Evaluating both the science and the art of HR
  • Performing both short-term and long-term risk analysis
  • Thinking about people as assets

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Learning & Development Checklist

Learning_Development_Checklist_2Download this exclusive checklist of a solution framework that will help you develop and use strategic and dynamic L&D during periods of change. The framework considers:

  • What do you need to conduct an assessment of the needs of the business?
  • How do you approach the design stage working with the business?
  • What are the keys to implementation?

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IT Competency Checklist

IT_Competency_Checklist-1.pngDownload the IT Competency Checklist to help you determine if your IT Department is ready to perform at sustainable peak levels for all necessary business skills in your organization.

This 13-step checklist includes: 

  • Business Acumen
  • Leading Through Change
  • Organizational Structure and Dynamics
  • Complex Communication


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HR as a Business Accelerator eBook

Download the eBook to discover how to create a holistic approach to establishing business partnerships to deliver business solutions

This 24-page eBook covers a variety of strategic HR topics with actionable takeaways including

  • HR as a Business Accelerator
  • Key Motivators for Employees
  • How Human Resources Functions Have Evolved
  • 3 Ways to Improve Your Organization's HR Metrics


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Critical Challenges for Start-up to Growth Companies Case Study


Download the case study to learn about the strategy, structure and human capital challenges this start-up company went through during its first 24 months including:

  • Leadership
  • Organizational Structure
  • Culture
  • Matrix Management


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Future Proof Your IT Organization eBook

IT_eBook 2.png

Download the eBook to discover the 13 key considerations to keep at the forefront as you future proof your IT organization including:

    • Operational Challenges Facing IT
    • Business Transformation of IT
    • Why IT Executives Must Be Strategic Business Partners
    • Business Leadership Alignment Model
    • And much more


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Human Asset Management Strategy Checklist

Human Asset Management Strategy Checklist Image.pngDownload the "Human Asset Management Strategy" checklist, which highlights the criteria needed to evaluate the human asset management strategy of your organization, including:

  • Can your people confidently create a sustainable future business?
  • What are the business risks near term, medium term and long term?
  • What are the business consequences of ignoring these business risk issues?

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The Female Factor - "Spanning Generations As We Journey Ahead"

WE51_TheFemaleFactor 2.jpgJoanne Flynn recently co-authored the book, The Female Factor: A Confidence Guide for WomenDownload the digital copy of her chapter that includes:

    • 50-Year Retrospective of Women in the Workforce
    • Fundamentals for the 2020’s: Career, Choices, Confidence and Control
    • Personal Story: Seizing Control and Leaping from the Glass Ledge


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Human Asset Management Strategy: A New Approach eBook

HAMS Ebook.pngThis eBook covers a variety of human asset management topics including:

  • Do You Really Have A Human Asset Management Strategy?
  • There’s No Organizational Replacement for Quality Leadership
  • Human Asset & Performance Management: Are You Ready to Meet the ‘Busyness’ Challenge?
  • Delegation: A Key to Developing a Human Asset Management Strategy
  • Does Your Organization See IT as a Good Investment?
    • Human Asset & Performance Management: The Future is Now...Is Your Organization Ready?

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Breaking the Concrete Ceiling - "Organizational Currency 101: The Basics of Career Currency"


WE53_BreakingTheConcreteCeilingJoanne Flynn recently co-authored the book, Breaking the Concrete Ceiling: The Future is FemaleDownload the digital copy of her chapter that covers:

  • Identifying your personal career currency
  • Utilizing the organizational power tools available to you
  • Understanding your hard and soft currencies and how they impact your career and perception
  • Leveraging the power of psychology, motivation theory, and organizational dynamics


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Future Proof Your Quality Organization Presentation


This digital presentation covers the following topics:HAMS Presentation Image

  • The Era of Growth
  • Managing the Talent Crisis
  • Workforce 2020: How to Prepare
  • Asset-Based Analysis on Your Human Capital

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Brand YOU, Brand NEW


Brand YOU, Brand NEWBrand YOU, Brand NEW - a journey to your own personal and career transformation. 

Joanne Toth Flynn and Elyse Flynn Meyer, a mother-daughter team, co authored, Brand YOU, Brand NEW from a multigenerational perspective.

Through their collaborative approach, they provide a range of universal perspectives to help you optimize your personal Brand YOU.

The topics that are focused on in this book cover the following spectrum:

1. Brand YOU, Brand Who?
2. Assessing Your Strengths & Weaknesses to Understand Your Brand Attributes
3. Conducting Your Brand YOU Personal Career Gap Analysis
4. Breaking Through the Impasse Zone: Change, Threats, Blockers & Barriers
5. Interpersonal YOU: Personality Style Profiling for Exceptional Results
6. Communicate YOU: Communication Strategies for Success
7. Critical Think, Problem Solve & Decision Make Your Way to the Top
8. Leadership Traits to Advance Your Career

Discover Brand YOU, Brand NEW