Communication Skills

Communicating with clarity and confidence is consistently rated as a key skill for professionals and managers as they progress up the career ladder.  The absence of good communication skills is often cited as a major reason why career advancement plateaus. Today, everyone in the organization must communicate effectively.

Effective communication is a complex, multifaceted topic that incorporates both knowledge principles and behavioral skills.  Great communication is based on a deep understanding of the following communication principles:

  • How does each person individually communicate?
  • What are their individual communication strengths and areas to improve?
  • How does the receiver of information processes communication?
  • What are the receiver's individual strengths and areas to improve?
  • What must the transmitter of information do to adjust their communication to optimize each and every communication event? 

By first understanding communication theory, that theory can be applied more effectively to the practical application skills of:

  • Verbal communication to all levels of the organization
  • All forms of written communication
  • All forms of presentation, incorporating both good written presentations delivered with equally good delivery skills 

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Class 2: Effective Business Writing

Class 3: Delivering Effective Presentations

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