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What to Expect?

Assess your organization from 4 critical aspects.  Phoenix Strategic Performance consolidates and integrates your organization’s strategy with your people's performance.  

4 key aspects of organization development best practices:

1.  Strategy and Human Capital Analysis

2.  Organizationally Benchmarked Roles & Role Progression

3.  Employee Assessment & Development Plans     

4.  DiSC® Profiling: Individual Motivation and Development Planning

What does the Phoenix Strategic Performance approach deliver to you?

Step 1 - Current People Analysis

We provide an analytical process for proactively managing your people as your strategic assets.

Just like your inventory control and cost accounting processes manage the finance side of your business, the Phoenix Strategic Performance model focuses on managing the risk inherent in human capital. 

Step 2 - Gap Analysis and Workforce Planning

Workforce planning begins to close the human capital gaps through employee Development Plans and targeted learning and development tied back into the plans. 

With measures and deadlines, people align back to strategic initiatives with the appropriate total skill set needed to deliver optimal performance.  Both managers and employees are equally involved in this dynamic process. 

Step 3 – Repeatable and Sustainable Governance Process

Our future-focused system in your organization can keep the dynamic alignment in balance.

Organizations are dynamic and continually evolving enterprises.  Strategies shift and change.  What works today will often not work tomorrow.  How do you keep your strategic initiatives continually aligned with your people and their performance?  By embedding a continuous improvement, human capital governance process.   

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