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Recent research demonstrates that today, the role of the leader is both critical to the business success of the organization and is evolving relative to the changing business environment.  The role of the leader is designed to bring all the resources of the organization together to ensure that business initiatives are achieved.  The leader needs to be forward thinking and ahead of the competitive curve to ensure the organization is poised and ready to meet the future demands of the marketplace.

Organizations need to develop these key leaders to have the skills necessary to effectively develop the maximum potential of the organization today and tomorrow.  The successful leader must learn how to integrate and balance the following leadership skills in order to determine and implement business strategy:

  • Change management and innovation
  • Leading a complex, matrix organization
  • Influence and negotiating
  • Team building to leverage resources
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Strategic planning
  • Succession and workforce planning
  • Scarce resource planning

All this must be done so leaders can align individuals with organizational goals and continually move the organization forward by focusing on the following:

  • Organizational agility, sustainability and resiliency
  • Organizational health and continual positive WorkFit© status
  • Value Creation and Positive ROI

Management Training Programs

Managers play a critical linking role in today's organizations.  It's time to recognize that most managers do not automatically acquire the most appropriate and needed skills without development.  Focus must be placed on targeting the skills that will align and link the work of employees with the business goals of the organization. Managers are that link.

Essential management skills are no longer an option. They are a critical and strategic necessity.  When these skills are properly developed, managers should demonstrate a high competency level for:

  • Coaching and development
  • Delegation
  • Communication
  • Team development
  • Managing business relationships

Class 1: Essentials for Managing People

Class 2: Leadership for Organizational Agility

Class 3: Essentials for Transformative Change Management

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