Fred Mapp


Advisor, Strategist & Author

Business & Information Technology Transformation for Growth and Competitive Advantage 

Fred has 40 years of corporate leadership experience in executive positions at IBM, American Express, Honeywell, AMD and various other Fortune 500 companies. During this timeframe, Fred developed & refined business and growth processes and IT transformations. He developed the Seven Initiative Framework© accelerating organizations to success by leveraging technology for growth, competitive advantage, innovation and market dominance.

“The continued introduction of new technologies and constant customer demand for real-time business value is a challenge for most businesses and their leadership. The “Seven Initiatives” outlines fundamental principles for extracting more value from IT organizations positioning IT as a true enabler of business success. Given today’s corporate demands to innovate, grow and align IT investments to revenue, profit and market share growth, this approach provides a blueprint to positively impact top and bottom-line financials and corporate shareholder value.”

Through his global experience with corporate strategy development and executive advising, Fred shares his expertise. He currently assists leadership teams to transform their companies, meeting today’s constantly changing demands. 

Fred has written white papers and articles on topics such as Cloud computing, data center build versus buy, and the need for collaboration between business functions. 

Fred is the author of “Mapping IT to Your Business” which describes the Seven Initiatives Framework© in detail.



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