Mid-Enterprise Level Companies

Maximize the Value of Your People


Have you experienced the 10%, 20%, 70% rule?

10% Make Things Happen
70% Watch What Happens
20% Wonder What Happened

1. Determine Role and Competency Alignment

In large organizations, knowledge professionals can, and often are put into leader roles.  The required competencies are often assumed.  In reality, each role has a unique set of competencies that often do not transfer automatically.  Both role categories and associated competencies must be continually reassessed relative to the strategy.  The right person must be put into the right role, with the right competencies.  Otherwise, organizational roadblocks prevent optimal alignment.  This results in static versus dynamic organizations. 

2.  Assess the Productivity Gaps to Unlock People Potential

10% of your people are working toward the job, as benchmarked.  If 90% are not attaining the same benchmark – there is a need to unlock human capital potential.  The bigger the organization, the easier it is for people to hide. 

3.  Identify High-Performance Cultures, Sub Cultures & Shadow Cultures

A high-performance culture directly impacts productivity and strategic performanceLarge organizations can easily develop operating sub cultures.  How do they affect the overall health of an organization?  What impact does this have on productivity?  What implications do culture issues have on achieving strategic initiatives?

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