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Learning & Development

"I have worked in the field of Learning and People Development for over twenty years and have seen many changes within organisations both for the better and sometimes for the worse. 

One area that stands out as a major contributor to the success or otherwise of a training intervention is the quality of the consultant who advisers not just on the design of a particular development programme but also undertakes delivery of it. 

Having worked closely with Joanne over the last few years, I have seen at first hand in over 150 (one hundred and fifty) days of training, her remarkable ability to facilitate groups, both large and small, and to hold the attention of a class of delegates over an extended period. With apparent ease she can motivate them to want to learn and is able therefore to influence greatly their performance and future behaviour. 

She is without question the best trainer facilitator I have worked with or seen in operation."

Roger Harrison 
Director, R H Development (York) Ltd 

Management Consulting

"Joanne is nothing shy of a Management Consulting Goddess! She remains one of the top three most-admired mavericks in my professional universe. Witty, wise, and highly astute is how I would describe her. She is an inspiration, mentor, and a role-model for women entrepreneurs and especially women in the private equity industry, for my generation. I have learned more about myself in three days from a course taught by Joanne than in 8 years of graduate school training. An hour of her time, if you are so lucky, could possibly change your life. I would highly recommend her for her wisdom, insights, and eloquence in helping you achieve substantial bottom-line results both professionally and personally."

Anu Bhardwag
Founder, Women Investing in Women

Organizational Consulting & Training

"Joanne was a key provider of Organizational Consulting and Training for me as a Principal at an Investment Banking firm and as the Head of Human Resources for a large bank's Capital Market's Division. Joanne played a valuable role in helping to guide the growth and development of multiple divisions in both companies. Joanne brings not only a wealth of experience to the table, but a very high level of integity and professional expertise in managing complex organizational structures. Her ability to listen carefully to the client's needs while offering constructive criticism where appropriate has been a critical part of her overall success."

Jim Esposito
Managing Partner, Summerhill Partners


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