High-Growth Companies

Maximize Operational Effectiveness While Optimizing Human Capital Capacity


For high-growth companies, today’s business challenges demand a new, business—aligned human capital model focusing on:

  • Optimizing growth acceleration and value creation
  • Increasing productivity and accountability 
  • Driving profitability and sustainability
  • Ensuring people capacity planning and people forecasting

For high-growth companies, the Phoenix Strategic Performance Human Asset Management Model and Platform© is a game changer. In the platform, you can quickly see how your company can be more focused on your strategic growth goals with our refined approach to focus your human capital. The Human Asset Management Model and Platform© is focused on:

Assessing your people for:

  • Value Creation
  • Growth Acceleration and Sustainability
  • Accountability and Productivity
  • Individual and Organizational Leadership

Assessing your Organization for:

  • Strategically Aligned Organizational Structure
  • Current Benchmarked Job Descriptions Aligned to the Organization Structure
  • Present to Future-focused Employee Assessment for Continuous Improvement  
  • Employee Development Plan to ensure relevant skills and knowledge

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