Communication & the Information Funnel©

Flat, responsive organizations require that all employees have very sophisticated communication skills.  These skills require an understanding of the fundamental communication issues of the people with whom they are communicating.

Communication takes on many aspects.  Understanding how receivers of information listen and therefore process the message is a basic knowledge skill.  Understanding the motivation of the person with whom employees are communicating determines how they deliver the message.

Employees must understand their own natural and preferred communication style to determine changes they must make themselves in order to be effective.  Communication is not just about the message, but how to deliver the message to the receiver effectively and efficiently.


  • The Communication Funnel©
  • The Funnel© Journey to Finding Common Ground and Understanding
  • Building Rapport
  • Smart Questions - Moving Through the Communication Funnel©
  • Questions to Gain Agreement
  • Adult Listening Traps
  • Listening for Today
  • Ambiguity and the Listening Dilemma

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