Dimensions of the DiSC Profile

Two-Session DiSC Profile Workshop

(Sessions 1 and 2)

This basic DISC workshop offers an opportunity to examine and discuss key elements that make up personalities and contribute to effective interpersonal relationships and effective teamwork.

Session 1 – Objectives

The major objective for this program is to develop a deep understanding of the social styles model. By completing this program, participants will be better able to understand:

  • The key underlying theory behind the DISC profile system and how to use DISC as a fundamental operating tool in the workplace
  • The differences in dealing with people who have different styles of operating
  • How to adjust your style accordingly for both efficiency and effectiveness       

Session 1 – Key Topics

DISC and Managing Business Relationships

  • How to use the DISC model effectively in the workplace to manage   positive outcomes
  • How to identify how different DISC styles present different        professional and management challenges
  • How to anticipate difficult issues and act and react accordingly to    each person’s style and adjust your style to work most effectively    
  • How to manage upward, lateral and downward   

Session 2 – Objectives

The major objective of this session is to address the differences in basic communication that are fundamental to each person’s style. The focus will then shift to develop strategies to adjust your style to work most effectively with others based on their preferences.        

Session 2 – Key Topics

DISC and Communication

  • How to actively seek and assess the ideas and opinions of others, thus ensuring an adequate flow of information
  • How to encourage useful contributions from others, thus making better use of the human potential in the work place
  • How to improve all versions of communication:  The Communication Funnel
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