Maintaining Effective Business Relationships

Unlock People Potential


Managing business relationships cannot be left to chance or luck.  Managers must acquire techniques for improving the performance of others through a systematic set of skills designed specifically to achieve this purpose.  This workshop offers an opportunity to examine and discuss key elements that make up personalities and contribute to effective interpersonal relationships and unlock and develop people's potential.



The major objective for this program is to develop an understanding of the social styles model. By completing this program, managers will be better able to communicate, motivate and work with others.


  • How to actively seek and assess the ideas and opinions of others to improve job-related motivation and ensuring an adequate flow of information
  • How to redirect the inefficient or inadequate efforts of others to foster a desire for improved performance without generating resentment or frustration
  • How to encourage useful contributions from others, making better use of the human potential in the workplace
  • How to deal with conflicts between individual goals and organizational priorities in ways to ensure that differences are resolved as productively as possible
  • How to provide recognition for the successful performance of others and increase employee willingness to meet or exceed expectations, goals and standards
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