Effective Team Building

Strategies for Team Building Success



Managers, supervisors and members of self-directed work teams need to learn how to interact with and influence others to gain commitment and increase productivity. In today's new organizational structures, employees must learn enhanced interpersonal skills and recognize and accommodate differences in style and motivation. Changing roles and shifting hierarchies demand new attitudes and abilities in the workplace. All professionals must learn to facilitate and guide with more effective interpersonal skills.


Participants will work intensively in small groups to explore strengths and limitations in communicating in order to expand awareness of their influence potential. Participants will practice new skills that will help them adapt their style to others to produce more satisfactory outcomes. Participants will learn to observe new behaviors from others, develop coping strategies, harness conflict, alter pace and enhance effectiveness. Participants will discover professional and effective ways to use control, influence and power to heighten productivity and build strong, satisfying teams. Participants will learn the steps to become empowered to use practical interpersonal skills in every facet of the job.

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