Essentials for Transformative Change Management

In today's rapid response world, change needs to be seen as part of a manager and leader's everyday responsibility. This issue of change is also often seen as something that happens and resides at the most senior level of an organization.  Change may be initiated at the most senior level, but is embraced and actioned at the individual employee level.  

First, managers and leaders need to decide on what needs to change.  They then need to decide how to make changes stick through an understanding of how to bring employees through the change journey.  Comprehensive change management requires an understanding of many layers of knowledge, skill sets, emotional mindset and shifted commitment. 

Course Objectives:

  • Change...Today's Constant
  • Fundamentals of Change and How the Human Brain Works 
  • Using DiSC® to Positively Manage Through the Change Process
  • Reducing Threat During Change 
  • Balancing Threat and Reward 
  • Change Curve Model 
  • Personal Change Competencies 
  • Change Communication Model 

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