Leadership for Organizational Agility

Organizations today present a new challenge to leadership.  The days of static resources and process are gone.  We know that the demands of meeting and closing the human capital skills gap of WorkFit 2020© will require continual focus and evaluation by leadership at the highest levels. 

According to recent CEO survey data, the demands for human capital are among the top issues that keep CEO’s up at night.  Today’s goal for strategic human capital planning is the war to develop and retain great talent.  This requires a new mindset and a new operating paradigm.  The new workforce requires a sustained, upskilled, robust and deployable-on-demand workforce.  To compete, organizations need a highly agile workforce that has a high level of resiliency.  In this new, dynamic work environment, the role of the leader is critical.  Only the leader can make this happen. 


Course Objectives

  • Human Capital Planning – Balancing the Short-term and Long-term People and Organizational Decisions
  • Organizational Agility – The True Costs of Productivity Gaps
  • Managing People Against Strategic Goals
  • Value Creation
  • Value Stagnation
  • Value Erosion
  • Assessing People Against Benchmarks
  • Coaching and Delegating for Human Capital Potential
  • Managing Scarce Resources
  • Human Capital Planning – Closing the Skills and Competencies Gaps

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