Maintaining Effective Business Relationships: DiSC®

Managing business relationships cannot be left to chance or luck.  Professionals, at all levels, must acquire techniques to effectively work with all different types of people across many functional groups within the organization.  This workshop offers an opportunity to examine and discuss key elements that make up personalities and contribute to effective interpersonal relationships.


The objective for this program is to develop an understanding of the social styles model.  By completing this program, professionals will be better able to communicate, influence and work with others to efficiently and effectively achieve desired organizational outcomes.


  • How to understand the key elements of personalities and then use that understanding to be most effective when interacting with all different styles of people within the organization.
  • How to actively seek and assess the ideas and opinions of others to ensure an adequate flow of information.
  • How to encourage useful contributions from others, making better use of the human potential in the workplace.
  • How to deal with conflicts between individual goals and organizational priorities in ways to ensure that differences are resolved as productively as possible.

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