Critical Thinking & Strategic Problem Solving – Bridging the Gap

As professionals progress in their roles, a key skill that will take them to the leadership level is the skill of critical thinking and strategic problem solving.  This skill takes them from executing to thinking and planning.  Without this skill, professionals often get 'stuck' in their role creating a critical thinking gap in organizations.  Critical thinking and strategic problem solving takes the professional from task execution to problem identification, risk analysis, optionality consideration, near, mid and long-term consequence planning, and future solution planning.  The skill focus teaches the professional to think proactively into the future and go from tactical doing to proactive planning.


  • Breaking Down Critical Thinking into Problem Solving Steps
  • Critical Thinking Using the Funnel Process©
  • Determining Key Drivers and the Organization of Supporting Actions 
  • Valuing the Consequences of Short-term Decisions, Positive and Negative
  • Balancing Long-term Decisions with Prioritized Short-term Actions 
  • Determining the Difference Between Strategy and Tactics 
  • Resource Management and Strategic Planning 
  • Human Capital Workforce Analysis, Planning, Development and Forecasting

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