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4 Tips for Technology Leaders to Deliver Value to the C-Suite

Businesswoman doing conference presentation in meeting roomMembers of the C-suite are becoming more and more aware of how critical information technology is to an organization.

In the tech industry, C-level leaders have different levels of education and work experience. Over half of the tech leaders in the hardware, software development and other online businesses have a bachelor's degree, while less than 40 percent in each of these disciplines have a master’s degree and less than 12 percent have a PhD. A recent JWC partners’ survey, as it relates to information technology, found that C-suite leaders are the most concerned with the following: cyber security, digital disruption, and innovative technology advances.

Technology leaders are now making more appearances before the C-suite to discuss the company's IT strategy and technology direction. For any technology leader, delivering insight and intelligence to help C-suite leaders better understand the value for their IT investment and IT team is imperative, but this is unfortunately easier said than done. If you are looking to deliver value to the C-Suite at your organization, here are 4 tips to help you get started:

1. Develop a diverse tech skillset
Technology now plays a critical role in how businesses operate. Therefore, it’s advantageous to know about software design and the difference it can make in your life.

2. Sharpen your soft skills
Communication skills such as writing, presenting and organizing ideas are extremely important. You need to be good at speaking, writing and sharing ideas with your team.

3. Learn how your work fits into the bigger picture
Make sure that you understand everything about the firm, the difficulties, as well as products, business, and tech. In addition, you should confidently know what your customers and clients want. Understand what the competition does and offers and its impact on your firm.

4. Establish a strong peer group
There is nothing as good as knowing your weakness and strengths.  With such knowledge, you can know how to handle yourself and create a team that can work with those qualities.


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Posted by Joanne Flynn

Joanne Flynn

In 2014, Joanne Flynn founded Phoenix Strategic Performance, a strategic human capital advisory firm. Prior to this, Joanne was Vice President at Goldman Sachs for 10 years responsible for global learning and development. She then led the consulting practice of Phoenix Group International, a consulting firm specializing in global financial service. Joanne is now taking best practices from the people-intensive financial services industry and adapting those best practices to startup and growth businesses. She is a thought leader in the areas of strategic organizational alignment, organizational agility, human capital gap analysis, leadership challenges for the new workplace and transformation leadership.

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