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Book Launch: Brand YOU, Brand NEW, a Step-by-Step Guide to Take Your Career to the Next Level

Posted by Phoenix Strategic Performance

5/10/19 10:05 AM

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Joanne Flynn's co-authored career development book, Brand YOU, Brand NEW, a Step-by-Step Guide to Take Your Career to the Next Level.📚

Joanne Toth Flynn and Elyse Flynn Meyer, a mother-daughter team, co-authored, Brand YOU, Brand NEW  from a multigenerational perspective. Through their collaborative approach, they provide a range of universal perspectives to help you optimize your personal Brand YOU. This book takes you through the critical steps needed to proactively manage your brand and your personal development. The goal is to put you in the ultimate career control seat.

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Do You Want Your Company to Grow? Hire the Right Person with the Greatest Growth Potential

Posted by Joanne Flynn

10/11/16 2:00 PM


This is the fourth blog in our ‘soft skills hiring practices’ series. If you missed any of the other blogs in our series, you can view them here.

Employees with Growth Potential and the Looming Talent Crisis

This blog focuses on interviewing questions that can help you tangibly determine the growth potential of a candidate.  Why are these questions so incredibly important? Our organizations, according to Workforce 2020, are in a talent crisis. With the rate of change increasing, employee skills are deteriorating or become obsolete every 2 – 2.5 years. In IT, this ‘skills obsolescence’ is actually accelerating given:

  • all the change stressors IT is experiencing in general
  • the increased demands being placed on IT’s human resources

When employees were surveyed, 60% responded that they fear becoming obsolete and irrelevant given the demands of the future workplace.

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Topics: Soft Skills

Hiring for the IT Collaboration Revolution: Top 6 Collaboration Questions

Posted by Joanne Flynn

9/26/16 12:00 PM

This is the third blog in our ‘soft skills hiring practices’ series.  If you missed the first two blogs, you can view them here.

I recently attended a conference focused on the future of the workforce.  The keynote speaker focused on the different work revolutions that have redefined the very nature of the workforce.  The speaker reviewed the issues of the industrial revolution and followed through to the technology and internet revolution. 

Today, the speaker talked about how we are now entering the next workforce revolution – the collaboration revolution.  The nature of organizations is changing and companies are embracing strategic partnerships and alliances, working virtually across geographies with new organizational structures that will perform and behave in vastly different ways.

The word collaboration has its root in Latin meaning to co labor – work together.  Collaboration is defined as:

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Topics: Soft Skills

Top 6 IT ‘Culture Fit’ Questions: How to Avoid ‘Culture Clash’

Posted by Joanne Flynn

8/27/16 10:00 AM

This is the second blog in our ‘soft skills hiring practices’ series.  If you missed the first blog on ‘adaptability’, you can view it here.

We often hear hiring managers say, ”I can teach people skills, but hiring people to work in our culture is more important. I can’t teach that!” These words are so true. So how important it this topic to hiring within IT? It’s critical! Get it right and employee retention, productivity and engagement follow. Get it wrong, and the management nightmare begins. And with that nightmare, goes productivity issues, disengagement, and the spread of discontent among both your staff and the client users who must interact with your people. Culture clash affects and infects your entire organization.

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Topics: Information technology, Soft Skills

Hiring for Adaptability: A Major IT Challenge

Posted by Joanne Flynn

8/20/16 10:00 AM

Did you know that 69% of hiring managers say Adaptability is the most important soft skill they screen for? To stay competitive today, your company needs to be able to adapt to a changing economy and business needs. This means you also need to hire employees who are able to adapt, as well.

So what does this mean for IT hiring? Adaptability is one of the most difficult challenges in the IT hiring process. Why? Because when you consider how positions in IT are evolving today, the role of IT employees increasingly requires the Adaptability soft skill. Adaptability is now required for multiple facets of the evolving IT position benchmark:

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Topics: Information technology, Soft Skills

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