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6 Steps to Increase Sales Success with a Disciplined Sales Methodology

The best sales strategy can fail without a disciplined sales methodology supporting it.  In sales, the results can be immediate and dramatic. With over 35 years of sales and business development experience consulting with the largest global financial services firms, Phoenix Strategic Performance (PSP) has developed an approach and business development/sales methodology to provide the all-important WHY and HOW information necessary to drive complex sales and accelerate growth.  

Because we are focused on WHY and HOW information, the sales methodology approach is multifunctional – requiring simultaneous overlays of information.  

Conventional Wisdom

Sales and business development is often measured in terms of activity.  With enough activity, there will be increased productivity.  But, is there really a straight line that goes from activity to productivity? In the world of complex sales, those sales that take a long time and deal with complex buying centers, there is often not a direct correlation between activity and productivity. If that was true, life would be so simple and sales revenue numbers would be through the roof. 

The WHAT Information

Today, there are a variety of CRM and sales tracking tools available to capture information about what salespeople are doing. The operative word is WHAT – the quantitative sales picture. While this is essential and necessary information, it does not give us the complete picture. For peak performance and high sales productivity, we need WHAT, WHY, and HOW information, the qualitative information necessary to manage complex sales.

The Phoenix Strategic Performance Approach
The What, Why and How Information: 6-Layer Approach

  1. Layer One: Determine the Market-driven Strategic Business Development Landscape
  2. Layer Two: Benchmark the Ideal Sales / Business Development Role & Determine the Required Competencies
  3. Layer Three: Determine the Ideal Personality Profile of the Salesperson (DISC)
  4. Layer Four: With CRM / Tracking Information, ‘Dimensionalize’ the WHAT Information into WHY and HOW
  5. Layer Five: Set Sales Goals and Targets to Proactively Manage the WHAT information with the HOW and WHY
  6. Layer Six: Hire the Right People from the Start with Benchmark and Profile Analysis


Today, a surefire way for an organization to accelerate growth is through the sales and business development function. It is a strategic imperative to ensure that its sales team is robust and armed with the most relevant, competitive knowledge and skills to compete in the marketplace.

Our multilayered sales methodology approach will benchmark and assess the current state of your sales team. Our time-tested, results-driven Competitive Business Development Forum will identify and close performance gaps. The result will be a strategically aligned sales team that will accelerate growth and create value.  We invite you to learn more about our Sales & Business Development program as part of the Phoenix Strategic Performance Institute.

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Posted by Joanne Flynn

Joanne Flynn

Joanne T. Flynn heads up the human capital advisory group, Phoenix Strategic Performance, Inc. Previously, she was a Managing Director with Phoenix Group International and was Vice President / Director of Global Learning and Development at Goldman, Sachs for nine years. Joanne works with organizations as they face global growth and competitive challenges. She works with her clients to be both externally focused and internally responsive. With her unique background, she aligns competitive strategic efforts with related internal organizational leadership challenges. With the benefit of her career-long focus, Joanne contributes the unique insight of aligning strategy to internal organizational structure and process. She focuses on human capital relative to strategic initiatives, accelerated business growth, value creation, and business development. Joanne holds a Master of Arts degree in Business Management from the University of Oklahoma. In addition, she holds a double degree major in History and German from St. Elizabeth University, as well as certificates from a variety of leading universities and professional training and development organizations. Joanne has recently published her latest book, Accelerating Business Success, The Human Asset Management Strategy.

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