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The Multifunctional Approach to Transformative Leadership

7/21/15 2:30 PM

The Business Impact of Transformation Initiatives

Transformational_LeaershipThe research tells us that 90% of change / transformation initiatives fail.  Failure can be very simply measured relative to the following 3 criteria.  Was the initiative:

         On Time?
         On Budget?
         With Quality?

So while transformation initiatives may get done, unless they meet these three criteria, we must question their success.  A bigger organizational question must be considered.  What is the strategic business impact of transformation failure or delay for organizational business sustainability?

We are now living in an era of transformative change. Change is coming at us from multiple directions and sources. It can no longer be managed by a simple process approach. The nature of this change permeates organizations at every level. It touches and involves every employee. We must now embrace a more complex, holistic, multi-functional approach to transformative change. One singular function will not achieve the desired and required results. We must understand all the functional approaches that must be involved in any transformation change process. Incorporating all possible functions will accelerate and deliver this change. To ignore the critical importance of the multifunctional approach will stall change initiatives.

Now and into the future, this change will not just modify the way we do business and the way we work, it will completely transform the very nature of the work we do and the organizations in which we work. There is no escape. We are moving very quickly into this new world, where the old paradigms of work and organization will shift into new, unknown and untried models. These can be very exciting times, but also very daunting and confusing times, when everything we know will be questioned or even disappear. And this change is just beginning. Come with us on this journey.

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Posted by Joanne Flynn

Joanne Flynn

In 2014, Joanne Flynn founded Phoenix Strategic Performance, a strategic human capital advisory firm. Prior to this, Joanne was Vice President at Goldman Sachs for 10 years responsible for global learning and development. She then led the consulting practice of Phoenix Group International, a consulting firm specializing in global financial service. Joanne is now taking best practices from the people-intensive financial services industry and adapting those best practices to startup and growth businesses. She is a thought leader in the areas of strategic organizational alignment, organizational agility, human capital gap analysis, leadership challenges for the new workplace and transformation leadership.

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