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[Press Release] Joanne Flynn Speaking at Upcoming National Association of Women MBAs Conference

nawmba_logoWe are thrilled to announce that Joanne Flynn, Founder of Phoenix Strategic Performance, will be speaking at this year's National Association of Women MBAs conference in Washington, DC.  The topic of the conference is, "Aspire. Ascend. Break Through."  What a powerful statement, not only for women, but anyone looking to make a strategic transformation in their

The conference will be held from October 9-11, 2014 in Washington, DC.  The National Association of Women MBAs will welcome hundreds of female MBA students, professionals and entrepreneurs to the Hyatt Crystal City Hotel for three days of networking and personal development through keynotes, speaker presentations, panel discussions and an on-site career fair with valued corporate sponsors.

Joanne's session will be focused on the critical importance of planning in your business, whether you are a start up, or a Fortune 500 company.  Below, please find additional information about the session.

Thrive or Survive – The Power of Planning

Date:  Saturday, October 11, 2014
Time:  12:00PM EST

Discover the critical success factors necessary to build a sound foundation to win and profit in the marketplace.  

Creating the dynamic balance and going beyond the numbers for: 

  • Financial analysis
  • Strategic marketing
  • Matrix operations
  • Human capital analysis

Answer these three key questions on whether you will survive or thrive in your next business venture:

  1. What are the obvious and subtle traps that will compromise profitability and sustainability?
  2. What is the real price of sweat equity and the cost of underestimating it?
  3. What are the human capital mistakes that could put you out of business? 

We invite you to learn more about the conference.  If you cannot attend, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to share a copy of the presentation with you.

Learn about the NAWMBA Conference

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Posted by Joanne Flynn

Joanne Flynn

In 2014, Joanne Flynn founded Phoenix Strategic Performance, a strategic human capital advisory firm. Prior to this, Joanne was Vice President at Goldman Sachs for 10 years responsible for global learning and development. She then led the consulting practice of Phoenix Group International, a consulting firm specializing in global financial service. Joanne is now taking best practices from the people-intensive financial services industry and adapting those best practices to startup and growth businesses. She is a thought leader in the areas of strategic organizational alignment, organizational agility, human capital gap analysis, leadership challenges for the new workplace and transformation leadership.

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