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Joanne Toth Flynn Launches New Book, Accelerating Business Success: The Human Asset Management Strategy

Posted by Phoenix Strategic Performance

Joanne Toth Flynn is excited to announce the launch of her new book, Accelerating Business Success, The Human Asset Management Strategy.

Today, business is operating in a newly-defined future based on disruption, advanced automation, AI, and complex, global, geopolitical economics. Our current human capital structures may no longer be valid. These structures need to be continually reassessed and our organizations and structures reinvented to align with new operating paradigms.

This book presents approaches, tools, and techniques for establishing a Human Asset Management Strategy as a core organizational strategy based on the evolving business environment. This strategy takes traditional asset management approaches and expands those approaches for use in today's human capital world. The approach evaluates your human assets as:

  • Value Creators – Appreciating in Value
  • Value Sustainers – Maintaining their Value
  • Value Eroders – Depreciating in Value
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The Capacity Management Approach: 8 Steps to the Value Asset Mindset

Posted by Phoenix Strategic Performance

Are We Appreciating All Our Assets?

Today, any organization will say that its employees are the most valuable asset to the organization. As new process applications, automation, and artificial intelligence continue to make their presence felt in the workplace, employees keep things running, provide the critical customer interface, and discover the opportunities to leverage technology. When we step back and look at organizations, we tend to find that leadership does not put the same emphasis on their human assets as they would on a physical asset they are acquiring or optimizing. I'm not implying we should treat people like equipment; however, as our most valuable asset, we need to put the same effort into ensuring employees can be most productive while providing an environment where they increase in value to themselves and the organization. Our employees, our human assets, have one key advantage that physical assets do not - they can increase in value over time.

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