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Selling and the DiSC® Profile – The Easy Observables

Posted by Joanne Flynn

10/15/15 10:30 AM

It’s All About the Information!

The question is often asked, “So how can I determine my client’s DiSC® profile?  We all know we would like to have clients fill out the profile, but since that’s often not going to happen, here are some things to consider.  The behaviors are right in front of you.

In sales, it is the salesperson’s job to be observant and process every single clue the client gives.  If you can master the most obvious and easily observed behaviors, it doesn’t matter if you are selling face-to-face or over the phone.  It’s all about the information. 

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The Importance of Strategic Human Capital Planning

Posted by Joanne Flynn

9/2/14 12:30 PM

It’s never too early to start managing people, your most important asset.  Increase the ROI of your people investment.  Focus on improving financial results by unlocking human capital potential. 

We recently held a Lunch & Learn in partnership with the Arizona Technology Council on September 25, 2014.

Start-up and high-growth companies, by their very nature, are fast-paced and change continually.  Every person in every role will make a critical, strategic difference.  There is no room for error and no place to hide. During the Lunch & Learn with the Arizona Technology Council, attendees learned how to take a disciplined approach to strategic human capital planning focusing on business agility and unlocking the strength of your people.

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The DiSC Profile®: 3 Ways to Align People & the Change Process

Posted by Joanne Flynn

7/8/14 11:25 AM


The DiSC Profile is a very powerful tool used in organizations globally.  The DiSC Profile assesses people for their underlying personality styles. The social styles model presents a methodology for understanding the feedback from the DiSC Profile . The key elements that make up personality and motivators can be used to manage effective interpersonal relationships, manage people and understand how to plan for and manage change through people in any organization. 

Here are 3 ways to help successfully

align your people with the change process:

1. The DiSC Profile, People, and Managing the Change Spectrum: Background

What is the DiSC Profile, and regarding change, what do the results tell us?  The DiSC Profile helps us understand personality styles, our own and others. In addition, the DiSC Profile provides the key to understanding the all-important motivators underlying each personality style. This helps us understand people on a much more profound and complex level.

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