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HR as a Business Accelerator [Exclusive Checklist]

Posted by Joanne Flynn

5/7/15 10:30 AM

The Business Case for HR Managing Human Capital to Optimize the Business of the Business: Piecing Together t
he Organizational Performance Puzzle

Let’s think of the three critical P’s of optimal organizational performance:

  • Product
  • People
  • Processes

Regarding people, let’s refer to them as Human Capital (HC) because they are indeed one of your key assets.  HC is one of three parts of the performance puzzle necessary to ensure successful business outcomes.  With that operating premise, evaluate your people against the same criteria you use for your product and processes.  All three need to be operating at peak performance in order to produce accelerated, sustainable business outcomes and growth.  If any one of the three is not at maximum performance, the results of the other two will be compromised or decelerated. 

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3-Step Business-Driven Approach to Engaged & Accountable Learning

Posted by Joanne Flynn

2/10/15 11:49 AM

Phoenix Strategic Performance (PSP) is pleased to announce the launch of the Phoenix Strategic Performance Institute. 

The central operating principle for PSP is the strategic organizational alignment of human capital to business outcomes. Therefore, all PSP Institute learning and development is business driven.  The PSP Institute provides human capital development that is aligned with and responsive to organizational business needs.  Since our learning and development is targeted, results are both time efficient and performance effective.  Our approach is:

  • Targeted, highly focused and individually relevant
  • Delivered in a short, highly-efficient format
  • Designed with immediately actionable information to implement
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