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3 Counter-Intuitive Human Capital Concepts for Start-up Organizations

Posted by Joanne Flynn

8/9/16 3:30 PM


A start-up to growth story – the very definition of continual change

‘What got you here, will likely not get you to where you are going!’  In the world of of start ups, these words should resonate with every founder /owner / executive team. In our recent Case Study: It's Time for GrowUp to Grow Up, we discussed the changes that a tech start up, or any start up, goes through in the early stages. Change permeates every facet of a start-up organization, as it:

  • develops product
  • takes product to market
  • hires new people beyond the original group
  • adapts to the demands of bankers and financing

Literally, every day can represent a change that needs to be anticipated, understood and responded to. But somehow, the start up community often thinks they are exempt from the demands of change because they believe themselves to be the disrupters or agents of change, and therefore, different from other organizations. In addition, they believe that change issues are reserved for those organization that are older, bigger or more status-quo driven. They couldn’t be farther from the truth. Why? The very nature of a startup is steeped in change.

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3 Controllable Issues to Lead Your Start-Up to Thrive Instead of Survive

Posted by Joanne Flynn

10/9/14 10:00 AM

I recently spoke at the NAWMBA Conference, National Association of Women MBAs, to present on the topic of, The Power of Planning for Entrepreneurs – Survive or Thrive.  As I prepared my presentation for the conference, it has direct application to my Leadership Blog Series – just focused on a slightly different group.  So for all the entrepreneurs and want-to-be entrepreneurs, here are some tips for you as you start to plan your business, or revise your current strategy.  You can access the presentation here.

According to a recent Fortune article, “Why Startups Fail, According to Their Founders,” Founder / CEO’s say they feel pressure to “keep up the façade of success, even when things are actually falling apart behind the scenes.”  So how do we avoid some of the most common traps and keep your start up on course?

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Topics: Start-Up to Growth Company

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